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 • Rejuvenate And Firm Up Saggy Skin

 • Render More Facial “V” Shape Look

 • Facial Sculpting And Contouring

 • Enhance Double Chin Reduction

 • Tighten Skin Texture

 • Non-Surgical And Painless Treatment

 As the name itself tells, HIFU uses concentrated beam of high-intensity ultrasound energy to mainly ablate the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer in equal distance pinpoint form hence the layer contracts that gives a lifting effect. SMAS layer is the layer that being manipulated during cosmetic facial surgery. With HIFU, it can be safely ablated without going under the knife.

HIFU treatment can be opted whenever skin starts to sag or losing its firmness regardless of age. For the facial areas, it is typically under the chin, around the jawline, cheeks, surrounding the eyes and brows that HIFU can treat. For body parts, it can be used to improve lax skin on arms, back of thighs and the abdomen. Some tightening of the skin is normally observed immediately after the treatment due to the residual heat in the skin, the effect will then gradually increase over the ensuing weeks.

HIFU is so popular and favoured by many people to restore their youthful look and delay the ageing process without suffering much pain.

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