Medic Deno Skin Care Solution Series is specially formulated by pharmacists and tested under dermatological control. All our products contain synergistic combination of natural active ingredients carefully selected with aim to help reverse the signs of ageing, and deliver effective sun-blocking agents to help protect and preserve the skin by preventing further damage. We want to empowering customers with knowledge about skincare because every skin is essentially different. Different skin types require different treatments and products. From there, we share knowledge about ingredients and products, and guide them with step-by-step processes. Quality has always been one of our pillars, as our formulation comes from New Zealand, and our products are produced by GMP manufacturer.

Combining the power of nature and technology MedicDeno’s special formula of natural organic plant extracts are produced using derma genetics technology. All products are produced by GMP manufacturer, with clinical professional research deployment .

We formulate -Parabens Free -Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Free -Phthalates Free -No Animal Testing

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