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Get rid of Acne with SSGM9

Get rid of Acne with SSGM9

If you’re struggling with stubborn acne, our latest breakthrough acne buster programme might be the answer! 

Short for Selective Sebaceous Gland Modifier 9 Treatment, SSGM9 follows a unique 3-step procedure to unclog pores, control sebum and repair the skin to speed up scar healing and prevent future breakouts. 

Each treatment will go through the clearing step by professional aestheticians where your pores are unclogged and dead skin cells are removed. 


It may include treatments like:

- Acne Chemical Peel (ACP)

- Carbon Laser Therapy

- Deep Cleansing Treatment

Next, pores are treated to reduce and balance natural sebum production


It may include treatments like:

- Carbon Laser Therapy

- Selective Sebaceous Gland Destroyer Treatment (SSGD)

- Optimal Pulse Therapy (OPTA)

- Acne Medication (prescribed by our in-house dermatologist)

Lastly, your skin goes through a restoring stage to speed up recovery for acne marks and also to rejuvenate skin for radiance.


It may include treatments like:

- Optimal Pulse Therapy (OPTR)

- Omega Light LED Therapy

- High Frequency Treatment

- Derlite Hydra Plus Facial Treatment

- Acne Medication (prescribed by our in-house dermatologist)

Every client will receive a customised acne treatment plan created by in-house certified skin doctors and aestheticians, so no two treatments are alike! 


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